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"Phone her."

"I am not botherin' her!!! I still don't see why you can't come!"

"I told you, I am going to a piano recital with the wife.....I need this Kev." He became solemn and Kev backed off. "Stop being so whingy. You know you enjoy her company, I don't see what the problem is!!!"

"I don't want 'er gettin' the wrong idea, that'sall." Kev huffed and shrugged his shoulder.

"So you want to take Gen to a Dominatrix's party as a friend then?"


"Sweet Jesus you are stupid sometimes Kev."

"Wot?!" Ben could here him fuming over the name calling over the phone.

"How old are you again? You've been like five year olds pulling each others hair in the playground...."

"S'not like that Ben! Don't suggest shit like that about her!!!"

"Okay! Okay! Just call her alright? You need to get out and maybe she could meet some knew friends...."

"At the dominitrix's party."



"Shut up. Just do it Kev, stop being an arse and get over yourself;...... I gotta go okay?"

"...................alright mate. Hope the piano thing is good, yeah?"

"Yeah, hope the party is good too."

Kevin put the phone down and had three cans of beer before he picked up the phone again.

Deep breaths, stay calm.....s'just a party.

  • Drinking: liquid courage


Agent Carlson and Goodall
United Kingdom
Agent Carlson:
Height: 6"2
Age: 45
Appearance: Muscular as hell, short ebony hair, and kind brown eyes. Half-black, a few wrinkles (only smile lines and crows feet) and has that "world-weary-and-wise" vibe to him, but one look at his face will have you trusting and liking him.

The kinder of the two, Benjamin Carlson has always worked in law enforcement since he dropped out of school due to not having enough help with dyslexia. He worked hard and is a respected and loved man wherever he goes due to his generous nature.
He has a wife, Alexia, and three children, twelve year old Olivia, and the twins, Jonathon and Micheal, age nine; though he keeps them entirely seperate from his work to keep them safe, and is proud to earn enough to make sure Alexia can be a housewife and spend enough time with the kids they love so much.

Agent Kevin Goodall:
Height: 5"9 and half an inch (infuriatingly close to 6 foot but just not quite)
Age: 42 (but looks and seems older)
Appearance: Bald, broad, pale, squat and scowling, with dark blue eyes, he is possibly more intimidating than Carlson. He has that "eff-off-and-die-in-a-hole" vibe to him.

Goodall had a normal upbringing as an only child, so who knows what happened to him. A paradoxical man, nothing is ever simple with him, and trying to learn more about him is like drawing hen's teeth whilst it's trying to bite you.
He was in the army and promoted to Colonel, but he doesn't mention it as he was dismissed due to "political b******t after a f**k up in Basra." as he puts it, though Mister Holmes contacted him shortly after that.
He lives alone, and has about three men he could consider friends, and then Carlson, the only man he would ever truly trust besides from his squad whom he misses. He still hasn't adjusted to civilian life really.

In public:
Yes they are partners, but are NOT a couple goddamn it!!!
Agent Carlson and Goodall, working in MI6.
Here to protect/arrest/kill/do whatever Mister Holmes says needs done;
often with a smile and a snarky comment. :D

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Mycroft-Holmes-RP Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013
Ashton's been kidnapped. Meeting at headquarters, only you two. You can debrief rest of my squad afterwards. You two will be in contact with me directly.
Agents-C-and-G-RP Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013
Yessir. Will be at the labs to see video. It was removed before we could see it.
Ashton-Hadley-RP Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
New text (to Gen, Kev, and Ben)
Hello everyone. I wanted to give you a heads up before your invitation came in the mail. Tristan passed away at the hospital a few days ago. No foul play- complications from pneumonia. Very sudden. Couldn't have been anticipated. It's been really rough for me and Jeremy. Getting out the news has been really slow. I'm sorry it took so long. Anyway, Mr Holmes has given the okay for you three to be off the day of the funeral. You should receive them all tomorrow. Thank you for your support in this hard time.
Agents-C-and-G-RP Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013
We are both terribly sorry to hear that Ash. If there's anything we can do we are right here. Tristan was a great boy, it's always the good ones that are taken too soon. - Kevin and Ben
Ashton-Hadley-RP Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Ash sniffed and nodded to herself even though they weren't present.

Thank you for your support. I appreciate it so much. If you have any contact with Eoin, can you please tell him what's going on? If you think that you should. I don't know if that'd be worse for him out in the field. I'll leave it up to your discretion.
Agents-C-and-G-RP Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013
We'll see what information we can get on what he is doing and update you. Anytime, trouble. You keep your head up, you hear? - Ben and Kevin

After a lot of digging around and discussion, they did not send a message to Eoin, and told Ashton so.
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Anthea-RP Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
New Text Message (Ben):
There is a Christmas dinner at my house on the 21st. 7pm. Your wife is invited as well should you wish to bring her.

New Text Message (Kev):
There is a Christmas dinner at my house on the 21st. 7pm. You are invited.
Agents-C-and-G-RP Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012
Myself and my wife would love to attend, thank you, but we are going to my wife's family's party that day sadly. I will get Kevin to attend for the sake of getting him out of his house. Sit him in a corner and he'll be fine. -BC

I would like that, thanks. -KG

(Dammit Kev. :lmao: )
Anthea-RP Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
Much appreciated, Carlson. Enjoy your Christmas.

I will see you then.
Agents-C-and-G-RP Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
You too Ms. Anthea, and a happy new year if circumstances keep us apart. My wife sends her well-wishes also. -BC

Kev sat for about an hour deciding what would be a suitable response to this. He ended up phoning Ben for advice....he was not pleased at the sound of laughter coming from his telephone and swore at him for three minutes straight before Ben could calm him. After a brief chat Kevin put the phone down and texted back a huge lie which Ben had told him was an adequate response.

Looking forward to it. -KG
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